“A mother - still there when everyone has flown the nest”

Parents, the reason for our existence in the world. Our mother cares for us from the day we are born. Mother's support us through thick and thin. An infant is unable to utter a single word, yet a mother is able to understand his/her needs, having a deep connection with her child. As we grow, our affection towards people change yet, even as an adult, we remain a child of our mother.

At the end of the day, everyone needs love. And love needs to be expressed. There are many ways and days where you can express your immense love for your mother. A mother’s day is a special day dedicated to mothers. Mother’s day is on 12th May in the United States. In the United Kingdom, it was celebrated on 31st of March this year.               

And as a woman, mother's love jewellery and there are a variety of options that you can gift to your mother. Here are some Mother's Day gift suggestions for your mother on her special day.

Heart Charm Pearl Bracelet

The bracelet is formed with silver pearls that are closed with silver plated heart studded with crystals. An elegant piece of jewellery one would give to his/her mother. A charming bracelet to be worn on any occasion blending with any casual or formal outfit.

Rose Gold Diamante Pearl Ring

Roses, gold, and diamonds are all time favourite of any woman. Anything that is comprised of all three can be an ideal gift for any lady. Rose Gold Diamante is a mother of pearl rings is an attractive and elegant piece of jewellery to be a gift. This is a ring can be the main focus of attraction in any outfit. The ring can never fail to get noticed. An inexpensive piece of jewellery that surely looks expensive on anyone’s hand.

Silver Drop Pearl and Crystal Earrings

Women have a fascination and attraction for pearls. Silver Drop Pearl and Crystal Earrings comprise a glass pearl attached at the bottom to a slim slightly curved silver metal bar studded with crystals. An extremely elegant ring with any formal or casual outfit.

Crystal and Pearl Rhodium Ring